May 13, 2022 โ€ข 1HR 18M

PLVS VLTRA - Connecting Dots - Durhamโ€™s Pursuit of Truth

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PLVS VLTRA is a Public Intelligence Entity & Watchdog geared towards investigating, checking, and remedying the several interconnected power structures operating with impunity & reckless abandonment towards the very citizens they set out to serve and ..
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Michael Khoury, founder of PLVS VLTRA, recaps the first video that explained Ericsson's connections to terrorism, which is a foreign owned corporation which holds a key government number portability contract. The predecessor was Nuestar who held the contract since 1997 under Lockheed Martin. One of the co-founders of Nuestar is Rodney Joffe who is under investigation by Special Counsel John Durham.

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